Snapchat has launched an AR ad creation studio
Snapchat has launched an AR ad creation studio

Snapchat has announced the launch of a new global augmented reality creative studio, Arcadia, to help brands create AR ads and experiences.

This is part of an initiative to promote the use of technologies that can overlay computer-generated images into the real world.

The company has announced that Arcadia is the latest addition to its augmented reality platform. It also has more than 40 partners. Tools like Lens Web Builder and Creator Marketplace launched in May.

The company cited a recent study commissioned by Deloitte that found that 94% of respondents expect to use more AR shopping in 2022 than in 2021.

In the company's latest augmented reality testing program for more than 30 brands across multiple domains, Snapchat users have tried more than 250 million products. They are 2.4 times more likely to buy from people who do not use this feature.

Arcadia's goal is to develop new technologies and provide dealerships and brand partners with effective, impactful, and innovative AR experiences.

Photo messaging apps initially became popular with young users in early forms of augmented reality, such as photo filters.

Since then, the company has focused its future on technological development. And it brought to the market glasses equipped with augmented reality technology. It has acquired startups that are developing technologies that allow users to try on clothes.

Snapchat increases its commitment to augmented reality

Jeff Miller, global head of creative strategy at Snap, said the new studio will help brands create augmented reality experiences. This applies to Snapchat or any other social media app or site.

The new studio aims to unlock the possibilities of augmented reality. The company said P&G Beauty, telecommunications company Verizon and entertainment company WWE are Arcadia's first registered customers, meaning the studio is responsible for all of the augmented reality and branding work.

Arcadia is a division of Snap Inc. She also works with project-based companies. Or he advises brands and advertising agencies at seminars.

In collaboration with fast food chain Shake Shack, the studio has begun its first augmented reality project.

Visitors to a New York restaurant can open the Snapchat app and scan the code to try Snap Shack products and purchase merchandise.

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