Some Samsung phones take advantage of RAM Plus
Some Samsung phones take advantage of RAM Plus

In the past few years, mid-range Android phones have improved greatly. This is especially evident in similarly priced Samsung mobile phones, notably the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series, which have reliable specifications and performance.

Samsung began to provide a unique camera system for mid-range mobile phones, as well as high performance comparable to flagship mobile phones. This is also due to the natural development of the technical service in general and the service of internal devices for mobile phones in particular.

Some smartphone manufacturers offer the option to increase the RAM capacity using the free internal storage. It looks like Samsung is about to roll out this feature in its mid-range phones, and it will start with the Galaxy A52.

This feature appears as RAM Plus in Samsung phones. It is based on a technology called virtual RAM. Storage space is simply converted to random storage. However, if you consider a variety of factors, the most important one is the large speed difference between the two types of storage.

This feature is suitable for mid-range Samsung phones, as it allows them to increase the RAM up to 4 GB, that is, if the device is initially equipped with 6 GB of RAM, the memory can theoretically reach 10 GB.

Samsung allows more RAM capacity

According to reports, Samsung is also introducing this software feature in many of its mobile phones. Including the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It can also be found in regular flagship phones like the Galaxy S21 series.

Users can access RAM Plus settings and increase RAM capacity by entering settings, battery settings, device maintenance, and storage settings in order. Of course, this feature is entirely software and no physical components are supported in the phone.

In this case, due to sufficient storage capacity, this additional capacity can shorten the loading time of applications and games when opened. Other smartphone manufacturers are already offering this feature, including Oppo and Xiaomi.

Some experts believe that there is no real benefit to this feature, since the speed of writing and reading data in RAM is not close to that of memory. Because the first is several times faster. So this job can only be a marketing job.

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