Tesla Model 3 works well in Europe
Tesla Model 3 works well in Europe

Tesla's Model 3 was the first electric car to achieve the highest monthly sales of new cars in Europe, surpassing European cars such as Renault Clio and Volkswagen Golf in the first place.

Sales data shared by research firm Jato Dynamics shows that Tesla outperforms its rivals, with the Model 3 selling 24,591 units in September while the Renault Clio sold 18,264 units, taking second place.

It is also the first time that a car made outside of Europe has achieved the highest monthly sales in Europe.

Sales data show that the car market is growing slowly. But regularly, from combustion engines to electric cars.

This is mainly due to various government subsidies aimed at lowering the prices of electric cars, hybrid vehicles and trucks.

Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles accounted for 23% of all new sales in September, nearly double the market share in 2020.

However, the dearth of global chips means that total new car sales are down and the EU market is down 25% each year.

Total sales in September 2021 amounted to 964,800 vehicles. Due to the lack of chips, dealers still had problems with the supply of new cars.

As a result, many consumers do not want to wait more than a year to buy new cars and move to the used car market.

Tesla Model 3 achieves the highest monthly sales in Europe

September is generally a strong month for Tesla, and the company is often actively promoting sales towards the end of the quarter.

Revenue for September of that year represented 74% of the company's total revenue for the third quarter. With the combined success of the Model 3 and the Model Y.

It has a leading market share of 24% in electric vehicle sales. It is 22% ahead of its rival Volkswagen and 13% ahead of its rival Stylantis.

But this month the company's software situation has become less volatile. The company needed to bring the latest beta version of its fully autonomous driving software to market. It did so after the driver complained about errors, including false collision warnings.

However, a tweet from Elon Musk, the company's CEO, indicated that the latest beta version may have been rolled back.

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