Twitch: Password not disclosed during breach
Twitch: Password not disclosed during breach

Twitch issued a new statement denying the seriousness of the hacking attacks that made headlines earlier this month.

The gaming platform reiterated that the incident was caused by improper access by unauthorized third parties due to changes in server settings.

He claimed that the password was not revealed when it was hacked. "We are certain that the system that stores login data and login data with bcrypt has not been accessed," she said. The full credit card number or bank details cannot be accessed.

The platform said the published data mainly includes documentation from Twitch's source code repository. Add a subset of the creator's income data. We have done an in-depth review of the information contained in the issued files. We believe this will affect a small number of users and will have little impact on customers. We are contacting affected people directly.

An unknown hacker exposed all the platform's source code via a 128GB file.

The data includes payments to creators dating back to 2019. And the private SDK. and internal AWS services used by Twitch. All red team tools, except for the security of the company's internal network.

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Most of the media attention initially focused on the income of content creators. But in the days following the attack, concerns about the privacy and security of all players on the platform began to grow.

Experts warn that all users of the Amazon platform must take immediate measures to protect bank accounts from potential cybercriminals.

The platform announced that it is resetting all broadcast keys and redirecting content creators to the website to obtain new broadcast keys.

The anonymous hacker behind the attack claimed that the esports media platform responded poorly to complaints of racism and mistreatment against minority players in a so-called "hate raid".

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