Twitter invests in avatar company Facemoji
Twitter invests in avatar company Facemoji

Facemoji, an Avatar company, has completed its first round of funding involving Twitter. The company is building a plug-and-play technology platform to help game and app developers use the startup SDK to integrate the Avatar platform into their apps.

Many Avatar startups have come and gone over the past few years. However, it turns out that many of the entrepreneurs behind it originally had an unequal future.

Apple is increasingly interested in using Memoji to represent avatars, and Mark Zuckerberg hopes Facebook will become a business and metaverse platform like Roblox that allows users to enter a virtual world and add props for their characters to purchase.

Facemoji believes that more and more game makers are hoping to easily create their own avatar system. But they don't want to connect to other networks.

The weakness of most early avatar platforms in general is their ability to create a coherent cross-platform avatar system as their own metaverse.

Facemoji has said that it does not want Apple Memoji to open up to the developer community, and that Snapchat is its biggest competitor. Facemoji competitors are being taken over more and more. In 2020, ROBLOX acquired and Epic Games acquired HyperSense.

The founder of this startup is still very interested in Metaverse and NFT and is developing a plug-and-play NFT storefront that developers can integrate so that its users can purchase accessories for their avatars.

Twitter is investing in the avatar field

Facemoji sees the use of encryption on Twitter accounts as a sign that regular consumers are excited about their avatars.

This is a particularly interesting investment for the rare institutional investor Twitter. The Facemoji team said they have had discussions with the team about integrating their avatars with the social screen-sharing app Squad. That was before Twitter acquired the startup.

Twitter has also detailed some of the NFT projects in development. CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) has long been a huge fan of startups in this field.

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