Twitter makes it easy to subscribe to the newsletter
Twitter makes it easy to subscribe to the newsletter

Twitter has introduced a new Revue newsletter subscription card that lets you sign up for the newsletter directly from Tweets.

At the beginning of this year, the platform acquired the email communications service Revue.

It hopes to attract journalists and writers who want to share long pieces of content without feeling the 280-character limit on Twitter.

Magazine creators can now share newsletter subscription links in Tweets. This provides more opportunities to attract subscribers to the platform.

As Revue explains: We enable our subscribers to sign up for your newsletter directly from their Twitter account. You can now also click tweets with a single click.

After Twitter took over Revue, that first integration began in June. This allows newsletter creators to add a prominent subscribe button to their accounts.

This new feature expands and adapts to promote a broader platform, giving creators more monetization options.

Users of the platform who have an email address associated with their accounts can sign up directly through tweets. Those who do not have an email address associated with their account will be directed through the Revue registration process.

This button also works for people who share your newsletter link in a Tweet: If someone shares a link to your newsletter post in a Tweet and someone clicks the link, they'll see a subscription preview button displayed when they return to Twitter.

Twitter offers you the option to subscribe to our Twitter newsletter

This is an important update. It increases the attractiveness of your Revue newsletter and can gain more subscribers with each tweet.

Revo pointed out that the new feature could be a way to attract followers from the tweets. Users can also add scorecards in the Tweets and Topics sections.

As mentioned earlier, the platform has more monetization options for YouTubers throughout the year. These include Super Follow and Ticketed Spaces to generate more direct revenue through in-app efforts.

Newsletters are another potential area for growth. By making it easier to use audience reach to increase newsletter subscriptions, it can attract more content creators who might view the newsletter option as a way to build a community.

The new option also paves the way for more direct communication options, similar to other products and services in Tweet.

Revue noted that while this feature is currently available for Revue desktop and web users, it will be available for Android and iOS in the near future.

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