Uber leases 50,000 Tesla electric cars to drivers
Uber leases 50,000 Tesla electric cars to drivers

Uber is acquiring 50,000 Tesla cars for rent to drivers as part of an ambitious plan to electrify its US fleet by 2030.

The ride-sharing company is working with car rental company Hertz, which claims to have ordered 100,000 Tesla vehicles.

Indeed, automakers and carriers around the world are facing regulatory pressure to phase out gasoline vehicles in favor of zero-emissions vehicles.

California, the largest car market in the United States, has rules for mass transit companies like Uber that require 90% of their fleet to be electric by 2030.

Uber has always had discounts on car rentals for drivers who don't own a car, and Uber and Hertz have been working on one such program since 2016. But until now, they've never worked together to provide dedicated car rental services to drivers.

Starting November 1, Uber drivers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Washington, D.C. will be able to rent the Model 3 through Hertz for $334 per week, including maintenance and insurance.

The rideshare company said the weekly price was reduced to $299 or less when the program began. The plan will be rolled out across the country in the coming weeks, with the goal of buying 50,000 Tesla cars on the Uber platform by 2023.

It can be difficult to get drivers to join the program for $334 per week. However, Uber believes drivers will see the benefits of saving fuel and reducing maintenance.

Drivers who use hybrid or electric vehicles to transport people can earn an additional 50 cents per trip. On this basis, drivers using battery-powered cars receive an additional $1.50 and pay an additional $1.50 per ride.

50,000 Tesla cars are available for rental to Uber drivers

The driver's rating must be at least 4.7 stars. They also have to make at least 150 trips in order to be able to rent a Tesla.

To recharge, drivers can access Tesla's premium charging network and take advantage of discounts at participating EVgo charging stations.

Uber pledged last year to supply the United States, Canada and Europe with 100% electricity by 2030. The rest of the world by 2040.

By 2025, the company will spend $800 million to help hundreds of thousands of drivers switch to fully electric vehicles.

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