Vive Flow..the next headset from HTC
Vive Flow..the next headset from HTC

HTC is about to launch the new HTC Vive Flow virtual reality headset. Thanks to a photo shared by leaker Evan Blass, we now know what this $499 headset looks like and will debut this November Ship.

The company uses the Go with the Flow logo and some lifestyle photo suggestions to make fun of the glasses. That didn't spare Hue-branded consumer eyewear.

HTC Vive Flow is just one of the company's attempts to regain share of the consumer virtual reality market. The company is also developing a new Metaverse-like service called Viveport Verse.

The service aims to provide real-time interaction between virtual and non-virtual reality devices that allow people to attend events, integrate online spaces and create their own content.

You can create your own 3D avatar and explore different activities. But the space also has an NFT showroom, and user-generated content will be available soon.

VR hardware does not appear to be required to access the Vivepoint Verse. The service is compatible with desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, tablets and virtual reality glasses.

It's unclear how this new Viveport Verse range differs from the company's center-centric Vive Sync experience. The Viveport Verse looks more like a number of different types of virtual worlds, perhaps like Facebook's Horizon Worlds, rather than a virtual meeting room for concurrent work.

Glasses should be a consumer multimedia device that can access certain games. However, it does not come with a controller and is not as functional as the Oculus Quest 2.

HTC competes with Facebook with a new headset

It's hard to tell if the rhubarb dot on the front of the cups is transparent. However, if you look closely, there may be a camera built into the front of the device.

The photo shows the goggles attached to some kind of tubular hardware that can add a little extra strength to the goggles (similar to the original Magic Leap).

Another set of photos shows that it has internal processing and cooling fans. Another group suggested that the tube could just be a bag. There is even a picture showing that it is connected to the phone.

The new glasses are very similar to HTC's Project Proton, a prototype of the mixed reality device the company launched in February 2020. It's not clear if the Vive Flow is the final business development for Project Proton.

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