What does it mean to support apps and games for multiple platforms
What does it mean to support apps and games for multiple platforms

Apps and games vary by platform available. This is because Windows apps are not Mac apps. Android and iOS apps are also different. However, some apps and games are known to support multiple platforms.

These apps and games have the same quality and offer the same services and functions, but on different platforms. In recent years, cross-platform applications have grown exponentially, particularly with the development of operating systems and programming technologies.

The term cross-platform is used to refer to software that can be integrated into multiple operating systems at the same time. One such example is the VLC video player app, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as Android and iOS.

Electronic games are also starting to support cross-platform games. Games like Fortnite can work great on computers, various home gaming platforms, and smartphones.

On the other hand, there are many variations of this function. But when it comes to generic applications and software, the best indicator of cross-platform support is support for running the same type of file in a program on different platforms. However, if the same software does not support the same type of first platform on another, then this software will not be able to provide the benefits of multiple platforms well.

Supports cross-platform apps and games

Cross-platform support makes everyday life easier for users, especially users who own and use multiple devices with different operating systems. However, the importance of this feature is evident mainly in the game.

Indeed, until now, the playing field has been based on the exclusivity of each device. But things are different now with hundreds of games available for different gaming platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

This feature is becoming more and more important in gaming as it allows players to play together on different platforms. Multiplatform is no longer just a matter of player ergonomics.

Perhaps the most prominent example of this is the game Fortnite. This allows cross-PC players to play with PlayStation and Xbox players.

Many other games support the same features, such as Apex Heroes, Call of Duty, Rocket League, and Between Us.

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