Why gamers don't like the idea of ​​Lenovo gaming laptops
Why gamers don't like the idea of ​​Lenovo gaming laptops

The portable gaming platform provides the convenience of playing electronic games anytime and anywhere. The Nintendo Switch is perhaps the most important mobile platform today. However, Lenovo plans to launch a similar platform, Legion Play.

The new device was supposed to be presented at MWC 2021, but Lenovo was not. Then the device details appear on the company's website, which is usually wrong.

At the time, we learned that the new Lenovo Legion Play was a portable gaming device with full control buttons and unique internal specifications such as a high refresh rate and large battery capacity, but the device had to come with the Android operating system.

After players publish information about the device on all tech gaming sites, players have different opinions about the device. Android Authority has created a survey on the device and the results are the opinions of the players.

1,700 players participated in the survey, and the results showed that 41% of voters did not want to buy the device. On the other hand, 43.5% of those surveyed linked their interest in the device to the price, making price their main factor. And only 15% of people plan to buy it.

Lenovo Legion Play Game Console

On the one hand, the results of the voting show us, on the other hand, they show us the opinions of players in the comments that they are not interested in playing video games on the Android operating system.

Perhaps the main reason for this is that the Lenovo Legion Play is not much different from any flagship Android phone, especially the presence of a large number of add-ons and accessories that turn Android phones into games with many control buttons.

On the other hand, gamers find that the Android platform is not suitable for gaming. This is due to the weakness of smartphone games compared to general professional gaming platforms. And because it is full of ads for smartphone games. Some people think that smartphone games are only for profit and do not provide a real gaming experience.

Instead, Legion Play and all similar devices are just modified Android phones that are very different from professional game consoles like Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, and even PS Vita and PSP.

Gamers believe that the idea behind Legion Play will never be bad, especially if it is offered at an affordable price. In fact, the device has satisfactory specifications, a large battery, and is equipped with its own controller. It allows users to access public Android games as well as cloud game services, enabling them to play professional platform games on smartphones.

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