YouTube plans to improve its podcast experience
YouTube plans to improve its podcast experience

YouTube is looking for an executive to oversee its podcast business, a new job for the video giant and a sign that its parent company, Google, is starting to take the category seriously.

The platform is looking for an audio broadcasting executive to manage the growing number of audio files being downloaded every day.

Although many users use the platform to listen to podcasts. But this area is not one of the main products of the platform.

YouTube is one of the best destinations for podcast listeners, and many producers create videos while recording episodes and upload videos across the platform.

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the largest podcasts in the world with over 11 million YouTube subscribers. Some of the popular platform users like Logan Paul and h3h3 have expanded to podcasts.

However, the platform has yet to adapt its app or website for podcast listeners. The Google Mobile Apps team does the work.

A Bloomberg spokesperson confirmed that the platform is now looking for a CEO to be responsible for organizing and managing the millions of podcasts across the site.

Podcasting is a small online video business. The video ad giant reached nearly $20 billion in revenue last year.

The total podcast business in the United States did not exceed $1 billion. But sales of podcast ads are expected to double this year.

YouTube wants to focus on podcasts

Many Google competitors compete for podcast listeners. Spotify has spent billions of dollars on podcasting and performance companies. Amazon and Apple also started increasing their investments.

Spotify has also started participating in video postings, called vodcasts, and has restricted the length of videos that the "Jo Logan Experience" can post to YouTube.

Google hosted podcasts on Play Music, and shut down the service to make room for YouTube-branded shows. Then Google moved the podcast to a dedicated Android app.

The news was released a few weeks after the launch of the platform’s first official podcast titled “Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy.”

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