Yubico released security keys with fingerprint reader
Yubico released security keys with fingerprint reader

Yubico has announced a number of new YubiKey Bio security keys that will allow you to use your fingerprint to unlock your account. The USB-A version costs $80. The USB-C version costs $85.

To connect to old YubiKeys, you need to enter a PIN and then click on the key. But the new version can be authenticated with one click. You can still enter your PIN if you are wearing gloves or if your fingers are wet.

YubiKey Bio Series is used as a regular security key. Thus, it can help you log into the service without having to manage passwords or as a second factor as well as things like passwords or cell phone verification codes.

Both methods can help you avoid phishing attacks. YubiKey Bio can be used in a variety of applications and services including 1Password, Google Chrome, Microsoft Account, Twitter, etc.

Technically, these switches support FIDO Universal Second Factor and FIDO2/WebAuthn. Therefore, anything that supports these criteria should be used with the key. However, Yubico said that its biometric keys do not currently support OTP or smart card standards.

It should be noted that Bio-Key does not support NFC technology. As a result, iPhone users may need to consider other options to avoid carrying a USB to Lightning dongle.

Yubico has a security key that replaces the password

These keys do not contain drivers, batteries, or software. However, you can add or remove fingerprints on the device using the Yubico app developed for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Additionally, the injection-molded frame is designed to be shatter-resistant and water-resistant. The Bio series keys use a three-chip architecture and fingerprints are stored separately and securely. Yubico claims that this will help provide better protection from physical attack.

Yubico offers an NFC-5C key for $55, but it doesn't support biometric authentication. Google also provides a USB-C/NFC dongle for $35.

However, for those who want a security key that they can use to log in with their fingerprint, YubiKeys is widely available and now there is a more convenient option.

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