Amazon introduces the Amazon Basics smart light switch
Amazon introduces the Amazon Basics smart light switch

Amazon has launched a new range of Amazon Basics smart light switches. As a result, the e-commerce giant has developed seven smart home gadgets, including a new smart thermostat and a smart indoor air quality monitor.

These new products represent a major step forward in the only remaining smart component after the company discontinued the use of indoor smart surveillance cameras last year.

Four Amazon Basics smart light switches were introduced on November 11th. It includes a single pole smart switch for $17.99 and a single pole smart switch for $19.99, both of which are used to control a single light circuit.

There is also a $18.99 three-way smart switch and a $20.99 three-way smart switch that can control a single circuit from two locations.

The smart switch turns wired lighting into smart lighting by adding apps and voice control. If you want to automate the lighting of a room with a large number of light bulbs or dressing tables, this is an alternative to smart light bulbs.

One of the distinguishing features of Amazon smart home devices is that they are used in conjunction with the company's frustration-free setup and human certification program.

This means that it should be easy to set up, especially if you have an Echo smart speaker in your home. The drawback is that these switches cannot be used with other smart home systems or voice assistants because they are only compatible with Alexa.

Amazon Smart Key works with Alexa

These smart switches must be connected to your home and require a neutral wire. If you have an older home without a neutral, the zero neutral option from Lutron Caseta or GE Lighting Cync is more suitable.

The new Amazon Switches don't require a smart home hub to connect to the internet for automation and work with Alexa for voice and app control.

Once installed, it can be used as a traditional light switch. The added intelligence comes from the ability to ask the voice assistant to use the Echo speaker to turn it on and off. They can also be added to Alexa Routines in the Alexa app and create a schedule. The two switches with dimmers can also be controlled by voice or APP to adjust brightness.

And like Amazon Basics devices, its design is simple. A single pole switch looks like a regular switch with a small LED status light on the bottom.

The dimmer has a plus or minus button above the switch to adjust the brightness. In addition, there is a row of green LEDs at the top to visually indicate the level of brightness.

However, it's strange to see Amazon mention on the product page that these smart switches are for Alexa only. Voice assistants or other smart hubs are not supported. Especially since the company recently renewed its support for the Matter open smart home standard, which will be launched in 2022.

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