Amazon Microsoft and Google want to work with the military
Amazon Microsoft and Google want to work with the military

The US General Services Administration said the Department of Defense has secured bids for cloud contracts from Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle.

After the Pentagon halted a controversial $10 billion contract from Microsoft, the two sides communicated.

The value of the new contract is still unknown. But the Department of Defense estimates it could amount to billions of dollars.

This new effort called Joint Operations Cloud Capability (JWCC) appears to support the world's leading cloud infrastructure providers Amazon and Microsoft, although it could also add more credibility to two smaller companies.

"The government hopes to secure two contracts from IDIQ, one for Amazon and one for Microsoft," the US General Services Administration said. However, it intends to reward all cloud service providers that have demonstrated their ability to meet DoD requirements.

The IDIQ contract includes an unlimited number of services within a specified time frame. The US General Services Administration said that Amazon and Microsoft, which are providers of cloud infrastructure in the United States, appear to be able to meet any requirements of the Pentagon, including devices that can operate outside traditional data centers and all levels of data protection.

Amazon wants a stake in military contracts

Amazon and Microsoft have qualified for the Joint Defense Infrastructure, or JEDI, contract. This contract is for one supplier and is expected to be worth up to $10 billion over 10 years. Microsoft won the contract in 2019, Amazon protested, and the Pentagon canceled the contract in July.

Andy Gacy, president of Amazon, argued that there was political interference in the award of the contract. Former Defense Secretary James Mattis speechwriter Jay Snodgrass confirmed in a book that former President Donald Trump called Mattis and told him he had blocked the Amazon offer. opportunity for JEDI. However, the Pentagon's inspector general noted that the White House did not appear to be affecting the contract.

The difference between JWCC and JEDI is that the Pentagon can rely on many cloud service providers. The Pentagon estimates that each IDIQ contract will have a base term of three years and an option term of two years.

An Oracle spokesperson said, “Oracle is pleased to participate in the JWCC Cloud Jobs tender.

“We are committed to delivering the highest levels of security, performance, and value to enterprise cloud applications and cloud infrastructures in support of the Department of Defense’s mission.”

A Google spokesperson said the company was planning to get an offer on a military contract, noting that the Pentagon is the world's largest employer.

An Amazon spokesperson said: "Our commitment to supporting our country's military and ensuring our fighters and defense partners have access to the best technology for the best value for money is stronger than ever."

“We look forward to continuing to support the MOD’s modernization efforts and develop solutions to help it carry out its critical tasks,” he added.

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