Android Messages update handles iMessage reactions
Android Messages update handles iMessage reactions

Even if you don't use iMessage, every Android fan with at least one iPhone friend who insists on using comments.

With the Google Messages app update for Android, you can view emoji responses sent from the Messages app on iPhone.

Update 10.7 addresses a long-standing issue that Apple iMessage users encountered when using the Android Messages app to chat with friends.

Previously, if iPhone users used emojis to interact with messages from Android users, it would appear as a separate text message when received via Android, which often led to confusion and a lot of unnecessary confusion.

After the update, the flow of messages has become much smoother. The screenshot posted shows that the emoji response appears to have been added to the expected text as if it was sent by another Google Messages user.

When you click on the emoji interaction, you will see a pop-up saying that it was translated by the iPhone.

Interestingly enough, emoji reactions sent from iPhone are sometimes displayed as different emoji on Android.

For example, heart-shaped emoji will appear as heart-shaped eyes for non-iPhone users.

iPhone users can also change their reaction to the emoji afterwards, and this change will be seamlessly reflected in the Android app.

This feature does not appear to be generally available yet. This also applies to users who have the latest beta version of the Google Messages app.

There is no longer a separate Android message for each reply

If this feature reaches everyone, it will remove a small bug in the way iPhone users communicate with Android users.

Another feature used with the Google Messages update is birthday reminders. And the list of Google Messages conversations instantly tells you that it's someone's birthday. Suppose this was done based on your Google contact list.

When you chat with someone and their birthday is today. You should also see a banner reminding you to wish him a happy birthday. And this banner can have a fun birthday cake animation as well.

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