Apple does not have to release annual updates for its systems
Apple does not have to release annual updates for its systems

New versions of iOS and macOS have started to cover users all over the world. This is because Apple releases significant new versions of operating systems for all of its products every year, including watchOS and tvOS.

Although the new update will not cause any harm, this year's update does not include any major additions or changes, and some people may not accept the annual update of the system used by millions of users.

There is no doubt that Apple and other companies are more than willing to provide constant updates to their technology products. However, if the update has a few additions and changes, it might be best to postpone it.

Analysts believe Apple's best bet is not to release new product updates unless there are several changes. On the other hand, iOS and macOS have achieved a high level of stability, there are almost no bugs and issues that require major updates.

Apple usually makes big changes in some versions, for example, it supported third-party email management apps in iOS 14 or third-party keyboards in previous versions. While these are important updates, they are primarily for marketing purposes and primarily serve Apple's best interests.

Apple operating system updates

On the other hand, Apple has to postpone some additions until the official release date. So the big update brings more improvements. In other words, for this reason, the company sometimes has to postpone the resolution of some minor issues until later this year.

In addition, updates designed to improve the functionality of certain applications and services sometimes encounter the same problems. Similar to the raster display and background isolation features of FaceTime.

Since it is not directly related to the operating system, Apple waited for the release of iOS 15 to provide these functions and features.

The company has not yet released some of its promised features such as SharePlay or Universal Control, and in general, the company is not currently offering the best performance in terms of operating system updates.

There is no doubt that Apple needs to make some changes. Perhaps the most notable is the separation of updates for standard applications (such as FaceTime) from important OS updates. You may also need to change when updates are sent. This replaces a specific date each year.

Moreover. Apple may try to increase the time between updates. It is not strange to him. Previously, the company released macOS updates every two years and then annually since 2012.

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