Apple sells parts and tools for iPhone repair at home
Apple sells parts and tools for iPhone repair at home

Apple announced the launch of Self Service Repair, a new program that allows users to perform routine repairs to devices at home.

This software will send users with damaged hardware (such as those used in Genius Bar) to users with original company tools and components.

The company also offers online repair manuals (text, not video) that can be accessed through a new online self-service workshop.

The company plans to launch it with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, followed by Macs with the M1 chipset. You can use Apple parts to replace your iPhone screen, battery, and camera first. More options will appear later.

The plan will be rolled out in the US early next year and then rolled out to other countries. The company said the program only applies to individual technicians with knowledge and experience repairing electronic equipment.

She explained that most clients should always go to a professional. But Apple now offers at least one option for customers who want to fix themselves.

This is a major change for the company, which in the past has defied the law to fix the clock mechanism and all repairs outside of its stores.

Doing these repairs yourself will not void your device warranty, although your device may be damaged in the process.

Big change from Apple

This change will also help solidify Apple's position in the repair process. The company developed a plan to sell original spare parts to third-party repair shops.

The new announcement aims to allow customers to purchase Apple parts at full price. This is not a search for a secondary market option in the limited possible circumstances.

iFixit celebrated this move. But she stressed that this came with important warnings. iFixit said, “Apple's decision is a major concession and invalidates many of the arguments the company and other companies have made against repair rights. Apple's purchase restrictions.

The company announced that it will sell more than 200 individual parts and tools. It also provides maintenance manuals that customers can review before purchasing parts.

Prices for parts and tools have not been announced. The company said customers can earn points for returning damaged components for recycling after repairs are completed.

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