Apple wants the iPhone to recognize car accidents
Apple wants the iPhone to recognize car accidents

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is developing a new feature for the iPhone and its smartwatches that detects a car accident and automatically calls 911.

This feature uses iPhone and smartwatch sensors (such as accelerometers) to detect certain car crashes by measuring the sudden increase in severity in a collision.

Google's Personal Security app on Pixel smartphones includes a feature to ask for help when a car accident is detected.

This is in line with Hyundai Connected Car Services, including GM's OnStar, Subaru's Starlink and Fiat Chrysler's Uconnect.

Many cars that exist today do not have a connection. Thus, using the iPhone for collision detection also means that more drivers will have the help they need in the event of an accident.

The increasingly dangerous use of smartphones in cars has given way to integrated systems such as CarPlay and Android Auto.

According to Apple, nearly 80% of new cars will be equipped with CarPlay in 2020.

Developing a new fault-detection feature with CarPlay on the iPhone could boost the company's IronHeart project to link its phones to car settings, the way HomeKit controls speakers and lights.

GM generates annual sales from OnStar of $2 billion through integrated capabilities, which is very important to the business.

Security features may appear on Apple Watch in 2022

The company has been collecting data and analytics on volunteer iOS and watchOS users for many years.

According to the report, the company collected data over the past year for job testing. Anonymous subscribed by iPhone and Smartwatch users.

These devices seem to have detected more than 10 million suspected car collisions. Of those, it included more than 50,000 calls to 911.

The company uses the 911 contact information to improve the accuracy of its collision detection algorithms. The emergency call related to the alleged accident gave him more certainty that it was a car accident.

As with every feature in the test, the report warns that the company can choose not to publish it.

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