Chromebook sales fell sharply in the third quarter
Chromebook sales fell sharply in the third quarter

Market analyst Canalys said global PC sales fell 2% in the third quarter, while Chromebook sales fell from 18% of total revenue in the previous quarter to 9% this quarter.

Sales topped 122 million units this quarter, and those numbers are still above pre-pandemic levels. However, due to general problems in the supply chain, there are signs of a decline in the coming quarters.

Due to a drop in sales due to the pandemic, total Chromebook sales are down 37% annually to 5.3 million units.

Due to the massive success of the major Chromebook vendors, Chromebook numbers reflect declining sales.

Lenovo, the biggest seller, drops more than 20% each year. Hewlett-Packard's runner-up lost 66%. Acer came in third with 28%.

Canalys believes this has more to do with market saturation than parts shortages or other supply chain issues. She said the Chromebook market had been hit by the massive recession, with shipments dropping 37% year-over-year in the third quarter.

In fact, large education markets such as the US and Japan are seeing saturation and public sector funding for digital education projects is slowing.

At the same time, shipments of tablets are declining by 15% every year. Excluding Asia Pacific, sales fell in other regions, while Asia Pacific reversed the trend and grew by 23%.

The education market is saturated

Apple retained its share of the tablet market with a market share of 40%. This is 34.4% more than the same period last year. But sales are about the same as last year, which means they are up 0%.

Samsung's market share fell from 20.4% last year to 19.1% this quarter. But sales have fallen sharply, 20% less than they were a year ago. Lenovo ranked third with a share of 11.3% compared to 9.5% in the previous year and with a growth rate of 2%.

PC sales were slightly better, and Lenovo's sales were up 4.1%. Apple ranked second with 4.6%. HP came in third, down 5.7%, and the company was particularly hurt by the drop in Chromebook sales.

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