Discord is building an empire of bot apps
Discord is building an empire of bot apps

In the past few years, Discord has developed its own bot-based application platform.

More than 30% of servers on this platform use bots. Of these, 430,000 of the 150 million monthly active users are on Discord each week.

Now that bots are a big part of the platform, the company is relying on it more to find and search for bots via Discord.

New app discovery functionality will appear on the platform from spring 2022. You can use this function to discover proven apps and bots (currently about 12,000 in total).

Developers can run discovery after preparing for a new set of users that bots can easily find.

The bot is extremely powerful across the platform and offers a range of server customizations. Platform server owners install bots on servers to modify them or provide mini-games or features for their communities.

There are popular bots that post comics every day, music bots to help you create your own platform users, or platform users to listen to songs together.

Two of the most popular music bots, Rythm and Groovy, have recently been shut down by Google. This is because they use YouTube to play music on their Discord server.

This incident shocked the bot community and confirmed that bots are becoming increasingly popular to attract the attention of large multinational companies such as Google.

Finding Discord bots just got easier

The platform is gradually improving its official developer API to provide a more user-friendly, complete, unified and secure experience.

He also issued slash commands to make it easier to learn how to use the bot and see what the bot can do.

Discord server recently added buttons, dropdown menus, and the ability to include bots in the menu.

The platform also has stricter policies around data, privacy, permissions, and verification. This way, you can see what the bot is doing and be happy with what it is adding to your server.

New app discovery feature can help platform users to find bots more easily. It is not about relying on third party websites or using search engines to find bots.

The platform can also add bots to the server easily by adding the Add to Server button in the bot account. Once the developer has enabled it for viewing, you can add the bot directly to the server of your choice without leaving the search platform.

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