Disney Plus has been a huge success
Disney Plus has been a huge success

Content platforms and broadcast media have replaced traditional television for millions of users around the world. These platforms are completely different, the most famous and perhaps the most well-known is Netflix, but once again, Disney Plus has built a solid reputation and attracted millions of users.

The platform only launched two years ago, but the platform's success was guaranteed from the start. This is because it shows both old and new content that is owned by Disney.

So far, the Disney content delivery platform has attracted more than 116 million users and, as the name suggests, is owned by the famous Disney company. Thus, the platform unites not only the business of affiliates, but also all areas of the company's business.

The platform includes work from Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, and other companies, as well as a variety of original series from Disney Studios, including Snow White, Seven Dwarfs, Frozen, Pinocchio, and more.

Despite the importance of cartoons, there are a number of Marvel movie series and series, as well as Star Wars films, that help the platform attract millions of subscribers.

Disney Plus has been a huge success

The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have been a huge hit in recent years and all the work can be had through the new Disney platform. In addition, several exclusive series in the same fantasy world were broadcast exclusively on the platform.

These include series such as WandaVision, Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Rocky and Hypothesis. The platform is currently preparing to introduce new series in the same world as Eagle Eye and Her Hulk.

With the launch of the new platform, Netflix lost part of the Disney business. Here it was previously shown on the platform. Expectations also indicate that the situation will continue to deteriorate over the next few years.

Disney Plus has also started following the same strategy as Netflix, now offering exclusive productions on the one hand and movies on the other, just like the upcoming Black Widow movie exclusively on the platform.

It should be noted that the Disney Plus platform crossed the threshold of 100 million users in March of last year. More than 2 million users have paid $30 to watch Black Widow at home. Disney has also successfully acquired a number of studios and production companies.

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