Facebook is removing sensitive ad targeting groups
Facebook is removing sensitive ad targeting groups

Meta, the parent company that oversees Facebook and Instagram, states that it prevents advertisers from using detailed ad targeting options that target ads based on your participation in sensitive areas (including race, religious views, political beliefs, sexual orientation, health, etc. that). .

Graham Mudd, vice president of marketing and advertising at META, writes that we've heard from experts that targeting options like these are used to create a negative experience for people in subgroups.

Facebook emphasizes that detailed targeting options are not based on your physical characteristics or personal choices, but rather on your activities and what advertisers may be interested in you.

However, detailed positioning can be harmful. Advertising can discriminate, encourage addiction, negatively affect behavior, and even cause psychological stress.

The company plans to cut several sensitive detailed positioning options. But it came after several instances where Facebook had to remove controversial categories in the past.

Previously, advertisers could direct their ads to anti-Semitic and pseudoscience groups. It also enables companies to target housing, work, and credit listings by excluding cultural affinity for specific races.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the company discontinued targeted advertising with third-party data in 2018. This prevents companies selling data such as purchase history from reaching advertisers.

Meta can track you based on your gender, location and age

This change may be related to mental health protection. Meta could be created as a result of the European Union's efforts to legislate a ban on tracking based ads.

META cannot filter out certain regions. This is why he has to shut down his detailed GPS collections around the world.

In the third quarter of 2021, advertising revenue for the entire company totaled $28.2 billion, which could explain why such a difficult decision was made as detailed in the blog post.

The change is effective January 19, 2022 on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. However, this does not prevent Meta from targeting you based on your age, gender, and location.

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