Fortnite will shut down its Chinese servers on November 15
Fortnite will shut down its Chinese servers on November 15

Chinese Fortnite players have a completely different gaming experience from Western players. You cannot purchase V-Bucks in-game. The challenge is only available three hours a day to avoid long gaming sessions. But that changed on November 15 when the game's Chinese server shut down.

A brief statement on the game's website said: Fortnite testing has ended. We will be shutting down the server soon. With the download portal closed, registration for new Fortnite players (known as Fortnite in China) will be suspended on November 1.

He added: The server closes on November 15th. Users cannot log into the game. By registering, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe at any time.

The shutdown of Fortnite in China comes amid months of repression against the country's leading technology companies. Chinese authorities have fined tech giants billions in the past year. He said cryptocurrency services are illegal. Complete data confidentiality rules have been signed.

Video games have been hit hard. Children can play no more than three hours a week, and state media refers to video games as "intellectual opium".

The reason for the cancellation of the Chinese version of the game is not clear. However, some people believe the ban is linked to the country's stricter game rules for children.

The game was launched in China during Season 5 in April 2018 and published by developer Epic Games in collaboration with Chinese technology giant Tencent.

Fortnite is shutting down in China for unknown reasons

Before the event started, Epic Games had to completely change the game for Chinese players.

According to Chinese cultural norms, for example, all skulls are removed from the game and the gameplay also changes dramatically.

The last person survived in the Standard Edition. But in the Chinese version, all surviving players win after 20 minutes.

Due to Chinese regulations on practice and rules of the game, micro-transactions do not occur. Support A Creator system is not included.

Perhaps the most meaningful information players get is the information players get when they play the game for more than 180 minutes a day: I played 3 hours. Experience rate reduced by 50%. The challenge is disabled. For the sake of your health, get some rest right away. Please organize your study time as well.

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