Gmail tools for iOS just got more useful
Gmail tools for iOS just got more useful

Google is rolling out three productivity updates to its productivity apps on the iPhone and iPad, and Gmail got a home screen widget after removing the original version last year. Picture-in-picture functionality is now available for Google Meet on iOS.

The company announced that it is updating the Gmail widget for iOS to add a handy new widget that can show you the subject and sender of emails in your inbox.

The company said that the new tool will be launched in the coming weeks to replace the previous lesser known version.

This also means that Gmail Mail Widget for iOS has the same functions as Gmail Mail Widget for Android.

When the first version of the Gmail email tool for iOS was released, it didn't help. It just provides shortcuts to different screens through apps like Inbox and Email Editor.

And the tool doesn't show you much information about the emails you've received. In fact, you will see the number of unread messages in your inbox.

Part of the lack of functionality in gadgets is due to Apple's limitations. Currently, you cannot create interactions in widgets, and all user clicks must be handled while the application is running.

These rules have not changed significantly since the first tool was introduced. But the new design makes it clear that there is still room for useful information.

For example, you may not be able to archive emails from the home screen. But at least you can see what's in your inbox.

The current version cannot display the information it needs

Google has also announced other upcoming improvements to its apps which may be useful to the many users of its services.

Google Meet, a business-focused video chat app, has picture-in-picture support for iOS so you can see your co-workers or presentations whenever you switch between apps to view files or email.

Google also announced that it will expand the keyboard shortcuts available to people who use Google Sheets by using an external keyboard.

You can hold down the Command key to see the list of available keys. Shortcuts make it easy to use a small keyboard to perform general and advanced tasks in Google Sheets. For example, select entire rows or find and replace specific values.

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