Google Stadia celebrates its second birthday
Google Stadia celebrates its second birthday

On November 19, 2019, Google launched the Stadia cloud gaming service. As an evolving service, we can say that this is still the case today. But one thing that keeps rising is the entry price, which the search giant has lowered even more in celebration of Stadia's second anniversary.

You should now be able to purchase Stadia Premiere Edition devices with Chromecast Ultra and Stadia consoles for $22.22 in 14 countries including the US and UK while supplies run out.

In the US, you'll also receive a free hardware bundle for every game purchased for $30 or more from the Stadia Store before November 29. This also applies if you received it via a redemption code after purchase.

You may also have to pay for shipping (Terms and Conditions here). Google has stated that it has also introduced various game offerings to the market there.

The company usually supplies Stadia devices. Previously, you had to pay for the free hardware packages for the full game, which was $59.99.

Apart from playing games, you can use Chromecast Ultra for other purposes as well. Please note that the basic Chromecast is still $20 to buy.

The company said it now has more than 200 games in the Stadia Store and added one or more paid Stadia Pro subscriptions to nearly half of the games in the past year.

If you sign up for Stadia Pro in November 2020 and make sure to play all the games on offer, you can get access to 91 different games for just over $100. The company estimates that the cost of purchasing the same game library is $2,000.

Google offers free or cheap hardware

It's unclear how long or how Google will continue to support Stadia once its ambitions dwindle. Microsoft and Nvidia recently updated the devices running their cloud gaming services. However, Google has not released any indication that it might follow suit. Most game publishers do not seem to be loyal to this platform.

The company also doesn't have an updated Stadia services roadmap. But she said there was more. The company's latest trial is a free, time-limited trial. One of the current advantages of Stadia is that it is very easy to try, all you need is a Google account.

"We look forward to continuing the hard work to bring the best games and new features to our gaming community so that we can help create a bright future for cloud gaming," the company said. To continue the unique experience that allows players to jump into the game and discover Stadia more easily.

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