Hyundai converts classic Grandeur to electric
Hyundai converts classic Grandeur to electric

In 1986, Hyundai celebrated the 35th anniversary of the launch of the Grandeur. This classic car has been modified with modern and futuristic parts and technologies.

The company is developing the new Grandeur to highlight the symbolic meaning of original grandeur and create new inspiration for futuristic design.

The company's design team has reinterpreted the grandeur of the first generation as an all-electric vehicle, equipped with parametric pixelated exterior lighting, with modern Ioniq 5 features and a modern interior in velvet, burgundy and nappa leather.

From the outside, the bone shows its ancient form. But with updated side mirrors, wheels, LED headlights and pixelated taillights, they suggest that modern cars use the concept of electric power systems.

For the Grandeur's cabin, the designer applied the Newtro (modern + traditional) concept to stimulate the senses of occupants with bronze headlights reminiscent of vintage audio equipment and corresponding modern sound systems.

The front seats are fitted with a wine red velvet fabric inspired by the original Grandeur, and in chestnut nappa leather. The center console armrest has a hidden foldable compartment for storing valuables such as watches.

The designer combines the latest technology and traditional equipment. They replaced the dials and buttons on the dashboard with a large flat touch screen. But with the monochrome steering wheel and reflex shifter, the '80s vibe still lingers.

The designer introduced a new audio system to control 18 speakers. With the center console Grandeur and the instrument panel configuration based on concert hall acoustic theory, the audio system can deliver rich sound and deep bass.

When the car is in the parking lot, the piano speaker function can be operated via the audio system.

Hyundai celebrates the 35th anniversary of the launch of the Grandeur

After Grandeur is redefined as an electric vehicle concept. Modern designers are constantly rediscovering the value of the company's heritage through other heritage collections.

The company said, "When designers look to the future, it is important to look back and draw inspiration from our previous designs." With Grandeur, our designers have reinterpreted an important part of Hyundai's history and made it unique. It is a mixture of retro and modern. This reflects the limitless potential of the electric vehicle era.

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