Instagram is close to launching creator subscriptions
Instagram is close to launching creator subscriptions

Instagram is preparing to launch signups for creators in a comprehensive test. This came after it was said earlier this year that it was researching the idea of ​​a creator subscription, and it later turned out that it had developed a feature that offers exclusive stories that can only be subscribed to for creators.

The platform recently added an in-app purchase option for Instagram subscriptions to its US app.

Sensor Tower and Apptopia follow the mobile application ecosystem. This includes graphics traffic monitoring, application sharing, and application marketing intelligence data collection. But they also track other, less obvious changes the app tends to make. Examples include rewriting the App Store description, switching screenshots, or adding new in-app purchase options to the Store menu.

Sometimes these changes help indicate upcoming features. For example, by keeping track of newly added in-app purchase options, store watchers can see the premium subscription service called Twitter Blue on the way.

Likewise, the introduction of a new in-app purchase option called Instagram Subscribe could herald the imminent launch of the Instagram Creators subscription platform.

Instagram is not alone in the Creators Contest

Sensor Tower confirmed that Instagram's first in-app subscription was added to the US App Store listing on November 1, priced at $4.99. Two days later, on November 3rd, an in-app purchase of $0.99 was added.

Previously, the only in-app purchases available were the various options for the Instagram badge. These are standard items that can be purchased during a live stream to help YouTubers, with prices ranging from $0.99 to $4.99.

Instagram typically asks a small group of creators to test new features before they are released. So if you are planning to start an Instagram subscription in the US in the near future. As new in-app purchases appear, YouTubers you follow may not see this option right away.

The platform announced its intention to add subscriptions and even NFT content to its content creation toolkit to make its content creation platform more convenient. By subscribing, fans can pay an ongoing small license fee for exclusive access to the creator's content.

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