Instagram is testing a feature to take a break
Instagram is testing a feature to take a break

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram (Adam Mosseri), said the platform is testing a "break" feature to remind users to spend a lot of time on the platform.

"If you subscribe, this feature will encourage you to leave the platform after you have spent a certain amount of time, such as 10, 20 or 30 minutes," Mosseri said in a video posted to Twitter.

Mosseri added that the feature is part of a larger effort to give people more control over their experience.

He said, “When it comes to using the app, you know what works best for you. We want to make sure we give you the tools to create an experience that works for you.

After Frances Hogan testified in Congress about the company's internal research that Instagram could negatively impact young people's mental health, the platform and its parent company Meta (formerly Facebook) were scrutinized. .

Teens tell company researchers that they are addicted to Instagram. But they do not have the restraint to reduce use, although they prefer to reduce the frequency of viewing applications.

Nick Clegg, the company's vice president for global affairs, said last month that the company was developing a similar role for young people.

"If their system detects that teens are viewing the same content over and over and content that could harm their health, we encourage them to look at different content," he added.

A company spokesperson confirmed that users must register for the feature to activate it. But he said the company was sending out notifications to teens asking them to turn it on.

This functionality can be rolled out to all users in December

A preview of Mosseri's video feature shows that the statement appears in the user feed. But it does not take up the entire screen. So, in theory, anyone could ignore it.

When the user enables the feature, they will be asked to choose how long they want to stay in the app before receiving a reminder.

Then a reminder appears with a list of suggestions: Take a few deep breaths. Write down your thoughts. Hear your favorite song. Do something on your to-do list.

Mosseri said the platform is working with outside experts to get advice on shows and vacations.

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