Instagram launches badge feature to support YouTubers
Instagram launches badge feature to support YouTubers

Instagram has officially launched its own badge functionality in the US, which viewers can use to pay and support YouTube users via Instagram Live.

However, the function was tested only by invitation for about a year and a half. But starting today, the platform allows any qualified content creator to apply for this role through their platform.

Once accepted, viewers can purchase badges during the creator's live broadcast to fund them.

There are three different stickers and the price is $0.99, $1.99, or $4.99. During a live broadcast, they appear as one, two or three hearts next to the name of the commentator.

It will be easy for the badge creator to see any questions or comments posted by the badge owner. Your name will appear in the list of visible creators for up to 90 days.

The platform said it won't collect commissions on revenue paid to creators until 2023. Although the feature's help page notes that Apple or Google charges 30% for in-app purchases on these companies' platforms.

Although the feature is now widespread in the US, not all users of the platform will be able to allow viewers to purchase badges.

Eligible content creators must be in the country/region, be at least 18 years old, have a professional creator or account on the platform, and have at least 10,000 subscribers.

You must also comply with various platform policies and guidelines, including Partner Monetization Guidelines, Content Monetization Guidelines, and Community Guidelines.

Instagram won't earn commissions until 2023

If you meet all of these conditions, you will find the option to select a badge under "Account" and then "Professional Dashboard". If you haven't requested monetization, you may need to request one.

This feature is the latest in Instagram's growing list of monetization tools for YouTubers, and it will continue to expand as the battle for the best creative talent on the big social apps continues.

Every app now offers YouTubers a monetization option to encourage them to keep posting. LinkedIn even recently launched a new $25 million Creator Accelerator program to help retain top talent.

The platform also has the Reels Rewards Program, which is part of the META program to raise billions of dollars for content creators.

The platform also adds a digital storefront option for content creators who participate in their affiliate program. And a new partner mail folder to encourage better collaboration with the brand.

It also applies to a variety of monetization tools including restricted content, user subscriptions, and more.

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