Instagram's impact on children under investigation
Instagram's impact on children under investigation

According to the Wall Street Journal, a group of prosecutors announced an investigation into the negative effects of using Meta, which is increasing the frequency and length of time children and teens spend on Instagram.

The organization includes officials from California, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, and Vermont who, despite their research, accuse the company of doing so. persons.

An article in the Wall Street Journal revealed a related investigation, which found that company documents showed that Instagram is harmful to girls.

These documents were then discussed during a Senate hearing. Francis Hoggin said the company is unlikely to change its habit of putting profits above people.

The investigation aims to determine whether the company has violated consumer protection laws in its quest to maintain interaction with Instagram content.

It should be noted that this group of prosecutors is not the only one taking strict action against Meta. The Ohio attorney general sued the company separately, accusing it of misleading the public about the effects of its products on children.

Meta said the lawsuit is baseless and highly controversial with the Wall Street Journal and other media reports.

Earlier this year, some of the prosecutors involved in the investigation tried to persuade Meta to stop developing the children's version of Instagram.

Instagram is bad for kids' mental health

The company previously announced that it aims to create a version of Instagram for those under the age of 13. But she later said that she stopped working on that version.

House and Senate members said the suspension was insufficient. The company failed to protect young people online. He has to give up the project entirely.

The company wants to focus on the younger generation. There is an inner concern that he is trying to get the attention of teenagers and young adults in their twenties. Mark Zuckerberg himself said in October that he wanted to serve young people.

The Massachusetts attorney general said Meta had failed to protect young people through its platform. Instead, it ignores issues that pose a real threat to physical and mental health and uses children for beneficial purposes.

It also promised that the alliance will achieve the reality of interaction between the company and young users. Identify illegal behavior and stop such violations.

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