Learn more about 3D audio on PlayStation 5
Learn more about 3D audio on PlayStation 5

The current generation of home gaming platforms has been a huge success. This is a product developed by Sony over the years for Microsoft's PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X platforms.

Sony has introduced a new audio engine called Tempest 3D. The engine is one of the new generations of new features that make it possible to provide 3D audio functions within the platform and its main objective is to improve the sound quality.

There is no doubt that this development is regular. In fact, music and acoustics play an important role in the quality of the gaming experience. Game development studios spend millions of dollars every year to provide a high-quality audio experience.

The characteristics of 3D sound are different from the acoustics we often deal with. For example, one of the most common types of audio is split-channel audio, also known as mono or mono.

The same audio data is output from all ports of this technology. When we talk about headphones, listening to mono audio content means that both headphones will output the same sound unchanged.

3D sound on PlayStation 5

With the development of technology, audio content is produced using two-channel (also known as stereo) production.

In addition, creating the sound in this way means that the sound will emit different sounds from different sides or sources. When we talk through headphones, the sound that reaches the left ear is slightly different from the sound that reaches the right ear.

It is not limited to mono or two-channel audio. There is a technology called surround sound. It has two standards, 5.1 and 7.1. These numbers indicate the number of speakers or the number of audio output connectors.

There is not much difference in the 3D audio technology of the PlayStation 5. This technology replaced the idea of ​​audio channels. However, instead of using several separate headphones, the 3D sound changes with the sound effect produced in the same content (in this case a game).

3D Audio Mode cannot be used on the Sony platform alone. It also did not appear as an optional mode. Instead, the technology runs automatically based on the 3D Tempest engine.

The engine simulates the experience of using the 3D audio function based on Dolby Atmos. There are many music modes to choose from on the Sony platform.

3D Audio mode generally only applies to Sony headphones designated for the device.

3D audio technology is expected to perform even better in the future when Sony allows it to be played on a variety of devices and devices, not just the PlayStation 5 headset. In fact, the PlayStation 5 headset doesn't offer the best performance.

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