META plans to open a physical store to display its products
META plans to open a physical store to display its products

According to corporate documents scrutinized by the New York Times, Meta, a social media company formerly known as Facebook, is discussing opening retail stores and will then expand to every region of the world.

These stores are used to introduce people to devices made by the company's Reality Labs division, such as virtual reality and augmented reality glasses.

These devices are the gateway to the Metaverse. In the future digital world, people will be able to switch from virtual to augmented reality almost seamlessly.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed his company's name to Meta last week and outlined his vision for Metaverse as the next social platform.

The store shows that virtual and augmented reality can be fun. According to corporate documents from the newspaper, these deals are aimed at making the world more open and connected.

They should also arouse curiosity, proximity, and salutation when trying to wear a headscarf.

Discussions about the physical business began a few months before Facebook was rebranded, and last year the plan started working in earnest.

Projects that are still under development may not continue. But if Meta chooses to go ahead, these deals will be primarily a first for this digital tech giant. More than 3.5 billion people use its apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.

The same documents show that the store planned by Meta has a modern, simple and aesthetic branding. The company has several potential names in mind, such as Facebook Hub, Facebook Commons, Facebook Innovations, Facebook Reality Store, and From Facebook. She chose the Facebook Store. But since the company has changed its name, this situation may change.

If Meta implements this plan, its first retail store will be in Burlingame, California, where the Reality Labs office is located.

To build metaverses, meta first wants to build stores

Zuckerberg spoke about the Metaverse when his company was struggling with organizational and social challenges. Former employee Frances Hogan has collected thousands of pages of internal documents and recently sent them to lawmakers and the media.

She said Facebook has not done enough to protect the community from the harm it causes. Its disclosure is subject to strict control by lawmakers and supervisory authorities.

Yuanjie's suspicions also prevail. Although the Meta Reality Labs division has had some success with the Oculus Quest 2 in the past, VR is still a niche market for enthusiasts and enthusiasts alike.

These devices are generally expensive and difficult to use. Some people have reported getting sick while wearing glasses.

It is worth noting that the opening of tech stores is nothing new. PC maker Gateway opened a store in the 1990s.

Apple has retail stores where people can test devices and have their questions answered. The same goes for Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

Over the past few years, Meta has experimented with quite a few physical retail stores. He opened a pop-up kiosk at the airport and a pop-up store in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood to showcase his Oculus gear.

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