Microsoft and Meta work together to bring teams into the workplace
Microsoft and Meta work together to bring teams into the workplace

Microsoft is working with Meta (a company formerly known as Facebook) to integrate Microsoft Teams with the Workplace platform.

Facebook Workplace or Workplace by Meta (now renamed) will soon integrate teams for live video streaming into Workplace groups.

Teams integration in Workplace also allows employees to use Teams or Workplace to view, comment on, and interact with meetings in real time without having to switch between apps.

The software giant has also integrated Workplace into Teams, so that Teams users can access Workplace content via apps in Teams.

The app installs via the Thames navigation bar and has a start page with workplace content. Team admins can also mark content as important for display in the Workplace app.

There will be no only communication tools on this planet, said Jeff Tepper, president of Microsoft 365 Collaboration. People choose multiple tools. Therefore, I believe that as responsible sellers, we have a responsibility to ensure that they are able to integrate and interact with others.

Workplace integration and teams is the latest in a larger partnership between the two companies. Workplace can be integrated with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft's Office 365 suite.

Meta also integrated Workplace into Microsoft Azure Active Directory and quickly became one of the top 10 apps for the service.

Integration with Microsoft Teams Workplace

The Teams platform will also arrive in the Meta Portal, formerly known as the Facebook Portal, in December. This allows people to use video calls in teams.

The latest integration between Teams and Workplace is introduced today and companies can share Workplace content with teams. The TEAM meeting will be broadcast live to the workplace in early 2022.

The two companies are also paving the way for the next few years to compete for places at the Yuan Festival. The two companies recently announced similar information about virtual rooms and meetings. But given these ongoing partnerships, we could see more collaborations in VR and Metaverse work going forward.

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