Microsoft brings new emoji to Windows 11
Microsoft brings new emoji to Windows 11

Microsoft introduced the transparent emoji style in Windows 11 this week. New optional updates are rolling out to the operating system, including several major bug fixes and new emoji that the company reviewed earlier this year.

In July of this year, the company revealed a new set of emoji designs and said it will apply to its products in the future.

At the time, the company was only showing off new 3D designs, and people were expecting the emoji to look like those found in Windows 11, Times, Office, and other company products and services.

Although it appears in a completely new style. But not the 3D optics that the software giant had previously promised, as the company opted for 2D optics.

New emojis for Windows 11 include the return of Clippy as the company has replaced the standard paperclip icon with the character Clippy. The emojis have also been redesigned and feature bright and saturated colors. But it lacks the 3D aspects that make it so popular.

In an update to its design blog in July, the company stated that the new emoji style is only available on Windows 11 and is 2D. We continue to offer many emojis to Windows 10 customers.

The post itself still states that the company chose 3D design over 2D. She also chose to animate most of her emoji.

It's not clear if we'll see 3D emoji in Windows 11, which launched earlier this year.

The lack of 3D patterns may be related to the company's technical limitations on the Microsoft color font format, which is used to display emoji in Windows.

Not the 3D version that Microsoft promised

Apple uses bitmaps to display its emojis, while Microsoft uses a more scalable vector format with file size advantages.

Fluent 3D and animated versions of these emojis should always appear in products like Microsoft Teams. However, if you want to use the new emojis in Windows, you need to upgrade to Windows 11.

The company has made it clear that it does not plan to bring these new emojis to Windows 10.

And the company doesn't seem clear on where the 3D emoji will appear. When it was announced, it looked like they were all over the place. But the company has now confirmed that 3D emojis appear only in apps that support them. Contrasted with the original emoji design of Windows 11.

This means that you can see 3D emoji designs in apps like Teams and Skype. But the operating system itself uses the 2D emoji design by default.

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