Microsoft Defender is redesigned
Microsoft Defender is redesigned

Microsoft Defender for Windows has been redesigned to allow home network administrators to control Android, iOS, and Mac apps to monitor them from the inside for antivirus, phishing, password leaks, and identity theft alerts. One security control panel.

In the past, the antivirus solution was a single computer application and each device had its own protection. But no device connects to any other device.

If the device detects malware, this setting will only inform users who are using the device instead of providing a central reporting dashboard.

As home networks become more complex, interconnected, and diverse, antivirus software vendors have begun offering abstract versions of their enterprise products that allow home administrators to manage all of their devices from a single panel.

In the past few years, Microsoft has focused on corporate security with Microsoft Defender's built-in antivirus available for Windows 10 users.

That will all change based on the new Microsoft Defender Preview app that was added to the company's Store last week.

The company appears to have developed a fully functional home security suite for Windows 11, Windows 10, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Microsoft's complete home security suite

The app note says: Microsoft Defender is a security app that gives you peace of mind. Thanks to our custom dashboard. You can view the security status of Windows and other connected devices (Mac, Android, iOS) in one place.

This new preview is internally codenamed Gibraltar because it is currently limited to company employees. However, new security solutions include anti-virus and anti-phishing protection. It also includes password leak detection, identity theft monitoring, security tips, and more.

The property manager uses an email or QR code to invite other family members to add to the personal dashboard.

These invitations can allow the device to install Android, Windows, iOS, or macOS apps. Automatically register on the Family Safety Dashboard.

Windows developer Ahmed Walid bypassed the authentication and gave us a glimpse of what the new Microsoft Defender Security Dashboard might look like.

The dashboard allows you to quickly view device health alerts during identity monitoring and log in. In addition, Identity Theft Monitor supports both child and adult subscriptions for automatic calls.

The home network administrator can monitor all devices registered for alarms via the personal dashboard. Alerts can include stolen passwords, malware, or identity theft issues.

It is still unclear when the app will be available for testing. But it may reach Windows Insiders first in the coming months.

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