Microsoft does not respect the default browser you choose
Microsoft does not respect the default browser you choose

Microsoft found it difficult to change the default browser in Windows 11. The company is now going a step further and blocking apps like EdgeDeflector.

Third-party apps like EdgeDeflector and even Firefox offer solutions from Microsoft to force users to use their browsers in Start Menu search results even if their default browser is not Microsoft Edge.

The software giant is forcing Windows users to use their browser and search engine in Start Menu search results, and now the new widget panel in Windows 11 makes it even more difficult.

EdgeDeflector allows you to bypass these restrictions and open search results in the Start menu of the default browser of your choice.

EdgeDeflector blocking first appeared in the first preview of Windows 11 last week. While the ban initially seemed like a bug, the software giant has now confirmed that these changes will cover all Windows 11 users in software updates that will be released over the next few weeks.

The company has decided to prevent app developers from accessing Microsoft Edge protocol links, which are now limited to the Microsoft Edge browser.

A company spokesperson said in a statement: “Windows makes applications and services available to the public, including various web browsers.

At the same time, he added that Windows also offers a complete and specific customer experience, while the system tray search function is an example of a comprehensive experience without redirection. If we become aware of the wrong redirects, we will post a fix.

Microsoft requires you to use their browser

This fix is ​​now part of the next update for Windows 11 available for beta and beta users.

“This is no longer the behavior of a passionate company that cares about their products,” EdgeDeflector developer Danielle Alexanderson said in a blog post. Microsoft does not like the Windows operating system. It prioritizes advertising and service subscriptions over user productivity.

The company did not explain why EdgeDeflector and other apps were suddenly blocked. However, Alexanderson said that EdgeDeflector's 500,000 users could be a problem for the company.

He added, "In the past month, Brave and Firefox have either copied or flagged EdgeDeflector in their roadmap."

Firefox has 200 million users who may have caught Microsoft's attention and urged them to come up with this solution.

A Mozilla spokesperson said in a statement: "People should vote. You should be able to set the default settings easily and directly. And they should respect their choice of default browser.

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