Microsoft launched a multiplayer game in Halo Infinite
Microsoft launched a multiplayer game in Halo Infinite

Before the full game was released, Microsoft surprised Xbox fans that the free multiplayer game in Halo Infinite is already available.

Rumors surfaced over the weekend about Halo Infinite's free multiplayer mode. Microsoft is now officially releasing it as part of the Xbox 20th Anniversary celebrations.

The free multiplayer game Halo Infinite should be available to everyone on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC.

This standalone mode includes access to Season 1 with all the base map features and a Battle Pass. Any progress you make in the multiplayer game will also carry over to the December 8th release date.

There were some hindrances to downloading first from the Xbox or Windows Store. Free game mode appears only as part of a paid Xbox Game Pass membership. Some players are also having problems playing it.

Microsoft recommends restarting the gaming platform. Halo Community Manager confirmed that some players encountered an error during the release because the version is still running.

But multiplayer is now available for Xbox. Playing on PC through Steam is not a problem.

The install memory on the Xbox is 25 GB, and the Steam installation size starts from 23.7 GB and increases to 26 GB.

Video game maker Halo Infinite 343 Industries began previewing the multiplayer game in July.

The full Microsoft game will be released on December 8th

A preview of Halo Infinite Multiplayer Game Mode will be available to all Xbox gamers in late September.

If you run the demo on a PC, you will have to reconnect any changed controls. The client used in the new version appears to be different from the previous beta.

The beta is now open to all, and the first season of the multiplayer game Halo Infinite, which will run until May, arrives three weeks early.

November 15th marked the 20th anniversary of Xbox's debut with Halo: Combat Evolved. In a special commemorative event marking the 20th anniversary, Microsoft announced early access to the free multiplayer mode in Halo Infinite.

The full Halo Infinite release date has been set for December 8th. However, some functionality is lost on startup.

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