Microsoft launches Xbox Virtual Museum
Microsoft launches Xbox Virtual Museum

As part of Microsoft's celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Xbox, the company launched its own interactive museum.

The online virtual room displays several exhibits containing information on the history of the platform and your usage history.

The virtual museum is launched by Microsoft through the Xbox website. It has many features to help you memorize your Xbox facts.

It also allows you to relive the moments that have passed through the different generations of the platform's history. Or continue exploring your journey on Xbox.

Once the website loads, visitors to the museum are greeted with a coffee table filled with various Xbox memorabilia. Each memory takes you to the page marked for 20 years of Xbox history.

Interactive links allow users to browse and explore different areas set up to celebrate generations of the platform, as well as a gallery dedicated to the Halo franchise and another gallery for you as a player on Xbox.

Once logged into the site, the carefully curated museum exhibit is a great way to display a collection of personal historical information from your Xbox in style.

The screen itself contains a lot of information about how long you've used your Xbox, like how long you've used your Xbox.

The launch of the Xbox Museum is just another way Microsoft is celebrating its premium console series this year.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a collaboration with Adidas to develop Xbox-style sneakers.

Other celebrations include the addition of more than 70 games to the backward compatibility service. Anniversary live stream and Xbox Game Pass birth preview.

Microsoft's Xbox Museum keeps your stats

The museum also includes other items, such as the Xbox 360 Red Death Ring or the company's presentation of Nintendo in the spring of 2000.

As you tour the museum, watch Xbox players interact with the digital exhibits. They also watched the development of the Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Every moment in the 20-year timeline is connected to a story. It is usually accompanied by a video recording by the principal.

You can explore a total of 132 moments of Xbox history through the Museum and use the WASD characters to navigate through the keyboard. Every moment has its own connection, and you can even share your Anniversary Museum area with others.

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