Microsoft Teams participates in the Metaverse competition
Microsoft Teams participates in the Metaverse competition

Days after Facebook changed its name to Meta to create a virtual space for consumers and businesses, Microsoft entered a competition to create the Metaverse on its Microsoft Teams platform.

The company will introduce the Microsoft Mesh Collaboration Virtual Experience platform to Microsoft Teams next year. It's part of a major effort to combine corporate mixed reality and HoloLens work with meetings and video calls, and thanks to an animated avatar, anyone can participate.

With today's announcement, it appears that the software and social media giant is actively involved in the metaverse during the meltdown, particularly in future work.

The company uses metrics like Together mode and other experiences to make meetings more interactive. The company hopes Microsoft Mesh will help reduce the cognitive load of video calls throughout the day.

Microsoft Teams gets a new 3D avatar to improve the Metaverse environment. I don't need a VR headset to use it.

You can really represent these avatars in 2D and 3D meetings. If you don't want to open the webcam, you can choose your own animated version.

3D avatar is coming

The company said that you can choose any view you want, whether it's a video or an avatar. There are several ways you'll want to join the meeting. We can interpret your voice prompt to play the avatar. Suddenly I felt there, I felt you.

The company uses artificial intelligence to listen to your voice and then animate your avatar. If you upgrade to a more comprehensive 3D meeting, this animation will also include raising your avatar when you click on the raise hand option or move the emoji around your avatar.

The company sees the immersive space as the most useful place to incorporate Microsoft Mesh, particularly in its efforts to create the company's metaverse.

The software giant envisions a virtual space in Microsoft Teams where people can communicate through its apps, play games, and even work together on projects.

Obviously, these virtual environments are best suited for VR or AR headsets. But because of the animated avatar, it's open to anyone on multiple devices.

The company also offers translation and transcription assistance. Therefore, you may be able to meet colleagues with lower language barriers in a virtual room.

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