Microsoft updates Windows 10 with new features every year
Microsoft updates Windows 10 with new features every year

Microsoft plans to update Windows 10 every year in all future feature updates. The company said it will continue to roll out feature updates once a year, instead of twice a year now.

This is to synchronize the Windows 10 update schedule with Windows 11, which receives important feature updates once a year.

The company has not yet committed to the number of annual updates for Windows 10. However, the company will support at least one version of the operating system until the end of support for updates. As of October 2025.

The company is now releasing the November 2021 operating system update, also known as Windows 10 21H2, which will release the next major update later in 2022.

The company has announced 18 months of support for Windows 10 21H2. So, it looks like we can at least see Windows 10 22H2 and Windows 10 23 H2 versions.

For businesses using Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, version 21H2 is a long-term service channel update. Benefit from renewal support for five years instead of 18 months.

This update model is the same as that used in Windows 11, which introduces new features every year.

The company stated: We are moving to a new release model that is compatible with the Windows 11 model and the goal of this model is to release updated features every year. The next update of the functionality of the system is planned for the second half of 2022.

Microsoft's commitment to future Windows 10 feature updates came after the company was silent about its plans when it launched Windows 11 earlier this year. But it is unclear what Windows 10 will bring to Microsoft in the future.

The November 2021 update is very simple and the only feature for users is the support for GPU computing in WSL.

Microsoft is changing to match Windows 11 update mode

Earlier this month, Microsoft started launching a new Microsoft Store for Windows 10 devices.

Most of Microsoft's future plans for Windows are understandable for Windows 11. However, the company will support at least one version of Windows 10 until October 14, 2025.

Several feature updates may be made to Windows 10 before support ends. However, these functions may not be important.

Microsoft is also speeding up the rollout of Windows 11. Based on the positive update experience and user feedback we've seen so far, we're working hard to ramp up deployment faster than expected. We're now making the Windows 11 upgrade more widely available for eligible Windows 10 devices.

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