New Tesla cars don't have a USB port
New Tesla cars don't have a USB port

Some Tesla customers have found that their newly purchased Model 3 and Model Y do not have USB ports. The company reportedly informed customers that the lack of ports was the cause of the chips shortage.

This usually happens without warning before the owner receives the new car and notices that the car phone charger is not working properly. The automaker has blamed a global shortage of chips for the missing parts.

It seems that the problem did not appear until November 11th. It also seems to be affecting only the Models 3 and Y. New shoppers are turning to social media platforms to express their concerns about missing out on outlets.

They noticed that the USB-C ports were missing near the center console and rear seats. A lot of people also claim that their wireless chargers don't work either.

To make matters worse, some buyers also claim that Tesla didn't tell them that their cars didn't have USB ports. Some people don't realize that the USB port is missing until they see other people's reports or get their car.

Users with access to the company say these ports may become available in December and then schedule an installation. However, this cannot guarantee the availability of parts at this time.

Users are currently grappling with driving expensive electric cars whose batteries cannot charge their own devices.

Tesla concerned about the lack of parts

The scarcity of chips has spread to many technical areas, and the automotive industry is no exception. Prices of new and used cars increased and dealers' inventories decreased.

Many manufacturers have to stop production or wait for semi-finished products for parts.

Some automakers have begun shipping cars without certain parts, including Tesla, which has scrapped passenger lumbar support modifications from its new Model 3 and Model Y.

BMW is also having the same problem with lumbar support and is also removing touch screens from new cars. Lines of credit of $175 and $500 are available for this purpose.

GM was also negatively affected by the shortage and had to dispense with wireless charging and a fuel management unit on some of its newer vehicles. Cadillac's Super Cruise function for hands-free driving has also been discontinued due to throttling.

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