Niantic Introduces AR-Based Bitcoin Rewards App
Niantic Introduces AR-Based Bitcoin Rewards App

Fold has launched an augmented reality experience that allows players to earn bitcoins with cryptocurrency.

Fold is a rewards and payment app. He worked with Niantic to create an experimental Fold AR app that offers rewards with real bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The app uses real-world card technology and the Niantic folding feature to earn Bitcoin rewards. The company describes it as a step into the real world of the Metaverse, a world of all interconnected virtual worlds.

The foldable AR is currently available for users to test in the Folding app. It enables users to earn bitcoins and in-app benefits by exploring their physical environment.

Pokémon Go creator and augmented reality pioneer, Niantic is teaming up with Fold to create the next version of the augmented reality experience.

This is the easiest and most interesting way to get your first bitcoin, Fuld said. Anyone can use our app to earn cryptocurrency and other rewards by exploring the world around them. It has always been important for us to encourage everyone to participate in the cryptocurrency economy, regardless of their education or technical background.

Unlike finding rare creatures in the world around you, Fold users can discover and collect cryptocurrency and other prizes around them, thanks in part to the cutting-edge technology of Niantic's augmented reality platform.

Although, Niantic said, “We see the future, our platform technology and augmented reality tools have paved the way for new entertainment experiences, and virtual communication games continue to help us push the boundaries of the most daring ideas. We see great opportunities in multiple categories including payments.”

The first Bitcoin-based Metaverse app

The first version of the Fold AR app allows a small number of users to access the trial version daily for a limited time.

Visits will increase over time. Visa Fold debit card holders can earn special rewards and powers for adding Bitcoin cashback rewards to the augmented reality experience.

Foldable AR users can also access the Metaverse experience every 10 minutes to find and unlock a Bitcoin reward block.

The central mechanism is to find blocks of binary code and, like Minecraft blocks, click on them to see prices.

After clicking to open the block, there are prizes with fragments of cryptocurrency (called satoshis) and other exclusive prizes.

Fold has partnered directly with Niantic to take advantage of augmented reality technology. To create a mobile game that allows hundreds of millions of users to use Bitcoin.

Fold provides all players with a digital wallet to store Bitcoin rewards that can be expanded to other mobile games in the future.

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