OpenAI chief offers free cryptocurrency to everyone via iris
OpenAI chief offers free cryptocurrency to everyone via iris

The field of cryptocurrency is constantly updated and is one of the most changing areas that are constantly evolving and full of new ideas. The CEO of OpenAI appears to have a unique plan to present cryptocurrencies in a different way.

In fact, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and Y Combinator Accelerator, has launched a new company called Worldcoin, which works in the cryptocurrency space. The new company received an investment of $25 million in a short period of time.

The investment comes from well-known companies in the cryptocurrency space, such as Coinbase. The company provides digital currencies to all users around the world.

The company and its CEO want to offer free cryptocurrency to everyone as these coins will be distributed to 1 billion users worldwide in the first two years.

The company's objectives are aligned with the economic philosophy of a universal basic income. Since every user receives revenue from digital currency for free, the company's philosophy is primarily to make digital currency available to everyone, literally, as the name suggests.

Offer Cryptocurrency to Everyone for Free with Iris

According to the latest statistics, only 300 million users own cryptocurrencies worldwide. Sam Altman and other professionals believe this is unfair.

In order for the user to get a free share of Worldcoin, he must provide an iris scan. In fact, it is this step that determines whether the user is eligible to receive the coins. This is done using a spherical device called an orb.

As part of the implementation phase, Worldcoin intends to distribute thousands of these devices to entrepreneurs around the world to start the coin distribution process.

Of course, the new currency Worldcoin currently has no value, like other cryptocurrencies, its value will increase after the official release and the appearance of supply and demand rates.

The purpose of iris scanning is to improve the integrity and qualification of the operation. On the one hand, it is about giving each person the amount allotted to him, and on the other hand, not buying any illegal amount of foreign currency.

Altman also said that the process is completely safe. In fact, every iris image that is captured is converted into an encrypted code. The crypto token is called IrisHash and it is stored in encrypted form in the Worldcoin database.

No doubt, this idea sounds promising, but it requires a lot of work. It is expected - and of course - that there will be dozens of future ideas related to cryptocurrency.

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