2021 POOKIN UCB01-1 Electric Cold Brew Coffee Maker
2021 POOKIN UCB01-1 Electric Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Coffee Machine - 2021 POOKIN Electric Cold Coffee Machine, 15 Minute Cold Coffee Machine, Instant Cold Coffee Machine, Iced Coffee and Iced Tea Machine, Easy to Use LCD Panel, 3 Modes for Brewing Intensity, BPA Levels, 3-4 Persons

POOKIN Electric Cold Coffee Maker

POOKIN was founded in the 80's and we came out of it with a simple yet innovative spirit. We test it year after year and focus on making iced coffee with exceptional flavors. Our goal is to provide every customer with an excellent taste experience.
Patented brewing technology

Through years of experience in the field of coffee extraction and a lot of research on the taste of coffee, POOKIN has discovered in innovative ways how to balance taste and brewing efficiency.

We use the principle of vacuum dynamics to speed up the brewing effect and make the brewed coffee less acidic.

The beautiful glass body has a transparent scale that can accurately measure the right amount of coffee powder.

After preparing the coffee, it is very easy to wash it by hand or in the dishwasher.

One-button LCD control panel. Press the + button to change and adapt the brewing time to your needs.

2021 POOKIN UCB01-1 Electric Cold Brew Coffee Maker
2021 POOKIN UCB01-1 Electric Cold Brew Coffee Maker

  •  [4 Faster Brew Modes]: The POOKIN Iced Coffee Maker offers 3 intensity levels: easy 15 minutes, medium 30 minutes and strong 45 minutes. In addition, you can choose a custom mode to adjust the brewing time.
  • [Convenient LCD Panel Control]: POOKIN Iced Coffee Maker has a unique LCD panel design, now all you have to do is set the time and choose the brewing mode to make coffee.
  • [POOKIN Cold Extraction Patent Technology]: The POOKIN Cold Extraction machine uses vacuum dynamics to reproduce the effect of acceleration and achieve the perfect balance between efficiency and taste.
  • [Improved Body Structure] The main part of POOKIN UCB01-1 and the inner cup as a whole are designed, so that you can operate the machine (and you cannot put the main unit in the dishwasher because of the control panel). Additionally, the chassis has been upgraded to unbreakable toughened glass.
  • [Convenient Cold Coffee Maker]: This portable cold coffee maker can provide you instant cold brew coffee even while traveling or at work. You can take the coffee machine with you wherever you want a delicious iced drink. Our bundle also includes a portable USB cable so you can charge your device anywhere.

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