Aeotec ZW129-A WallMote Quad Wireless Zwave on Off Switch
Aeotec ZW129-A WallMote Quad Wireless Zwave on Off Switch

Aeotec WallMote Quad Zwave On Off Wireless Switch with Z-Wave Plus 4-Button Switch with Remote can be used with Z Wave Hub

A wall switch is the most natural way to control a home. The remote control is the most natural way to move the remote control around your home. This 2-button version of the WallMote from Aeotec is a 2-in-1 wall switch and remote control for Z-Wave home automation. With a rechargeable battery, you can mount the WallMote to the wall anywhere in your home and use it as a wall switch with the included wall mount. Since it attaches to the wall mount with a magnet, you can also easily remove it so you can use the WallMote as a remote control anywhere in your home and attach it back to the wall later. WallMote is simple in design and can be used with any interior so you can control 8 different Z-Wave scenes directly. Each scene can have more than 15 different settings for the Z-Wave device; Simply tap the WallMote touchscreen to edit or activate the scene. The WallMote is beautifully designed, at 3.02 inches wide and 0.37 inches deep. It uses Aeotec's Gen5 technology and is based on Z-Wave Plus, which has a battery life of about 3 months and then needs to be charged using the included USB cable.

 tactile feedback.

It can control your entire home, so you might not be there until the situation changes when you touch the glass on the WallMote Quad's touchscreen. But you will feel the change. The WallMote Quad's haptic engine confirms your every move with a single tap.

 Wireless key.

The WallMote Quad is based on the industry-leading Z-Wave Plus chipset and can be used anywhere in the home because it features a tuned antenna that can communicate in an open range of over 100 meters / 382 feet.

 Simple fee.

The battery works without the need to replace the battery. The WallMote Quad is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery specially developed for smartphones. It can also be charged like a smartphone using the supplied micro USB cable.

 Accurate key.

WallMote Quad is not only portable, it's also perfectly balanced. The minimalist design of the WallMote Quad is only 7.7 cm wide and 1.9 cm (3.0 x 0.4 inch) ultra-thin.

Click Review.

WallMote doesn't just provide click control. Each button is tactile, which means that all you have to do is hold your finger longer to access new commands and control scenarios.


Press and hold it. Swipe up and down. treatment b. With capacitive touch, the WallMote Quads each let you do something different. The corner of light is a whim. Open the shutters to let more light in. With the power of touch, the WallMote Quad not only provides complete control in the home, but also provides precise control as needed.

remote control.

Tap to control a single Z-Wave device from WallMote, or long tap for more advanced controls. By default, the WallMote Quad will continue to work to control a single Z-Wave device even when the hub is offline.

Scene control.

The WallMote Quad can be configured to use Z-Wave technology to trigger scenarios and automate your home. Group Z-Wave and other devices connected through the portal and activate them via the WallMote Quad.

WallMote is a wall switch that can be installed anywhere. Wireless.

No matter the room, no matter the wall, WallMote is perfect. This is the Z-Wave Wireless Wall Switch that you can stick anywhere on any wall with double sided tape. Unscrew it. Paste it. Charge it. One click to control.

Aeotec ZW129-A WallMote Quad Wireless Zwave on Off Switch
Aeotec ZW129-A WallMote Quad Wireless Zwave on Off Switch

  •  It's just as cool as a zwave light switch that can be placed anywhere. But WallMote is also a zwave remote that you can use anywhere.
  • Group Z-Wave and other devices connected via Z-Wave hubs and activate them via the WallMote Quad.
  • For use with other Z-Wave devices. Lots of control. With a single click, each zwave smart button can be programmed to control one or more Z-Wave devices
  • Compatible with Z-Wave portals: Smartthings, Zipabox, Hubitat, Indigo 7, Homey etc. Zwave Certificate Number ZC10-17015380

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