BROxiongdi 2021 Wireless CarPlay Adapter Dongle
BROxiongdi 2021 Wireless CarPlay Adapter Dongle

BROxiongdi 2021 Wireless CarPlay Adapter, CarPlay Wireless Dongle, BROxiongdi Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter, Factory Installed USB/Bluetooth, Embedded Upgrade, 5G WiFi (Carplay 2.0 Wireless)

  •     Suitable for Audi / Chevrolet / Cadillac / Ford / Nissan / Jeep / Porsche / Volvo / Volkswagen / Mercedes-Benz / Hyundai / Honda / Peugeot / Mazado or other cars with built-in wired carplay system
  •     Based on Siri voice control. Users do not need to touch and look at the phone screen to use iPhone's various functions
  •     The road is taken care of. This control method makes driving safer and more comfortable
  •     Use Carplay to sync mobile apps, online music, online browsing and voice calls without even looking at the phone
  •     The heat dissipation hole design allows the product to maintain a stable connection, and the connection speed is faster
  •     Some cars can use the buttons to play volume and change songs.
  •     Due to compatibility issues, some models do not support key operations. Please note before purchasing.

  •  Note: This product only supports Apple system operation (with iOS 10 or above, the latest version is preferred) and your vehicle must have previous CarPlay works.
  • Plug and play: BROxiongdi adapter has WIFI and Bluetooth devices (Bluetooth name: Carplay Box) that can easily connect the mobile phone to the car. Thanks to the integrated Carplay system of mobile connectivity, the driver can access the address book, notifications, mail, navigation, etc.
  • Practical interactive device: wireless connection, as long as the car supports wireless Carplay, turn on the wireless mode or the Bluetooth mode of the mobile phone stereo, then search for the general Carplay setting on the mobile phone and choose the appropriate setting for the car connection. .
  • Multi-APP launch: After the connection is established, you can launch different applications such as Music, Maps, and Siri without looking at the screen.
  • Safe driving: focus on the road. This kind of control makes driving safer and more comfortable.

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