DAYO Wireless CarPlay Adapter for Car
DAYO Wireless CarPlay Adapter for Car

DAYO CarPlay Wireless Car Adapter Factory Wired CarPlay to Wireless CarPlay Adapter Mini Wireless CarPlay Adapter Compatible with Over 600 Car Models

questions and answers:

✔ Question: What car models can't order this product?

A: This product cannot be purchased aftermarket car radio/car radio, it only supports the original Carplay wired car radio, and it is compatible with 600+ models. So, if your car radio is original, you can buy it with confidence. Carplay adapter is suitable for aftermarket car audio, please search for: B08L3JK192

✔ Question: Does Wireless CarPlay automatically connect after a ride in the car?

A: Yes, once connected, just turn on your phone's wifi and bluetooth functions and the dongle will automatically connect to your phone.

✔ Q: What should I do if it is often unstable or cannot be plugged in during use?

A: The version of the adapter app may be very low and you can update it online. After connecting the adapter, enter on the iPhone to update the software online.

✔ Question: Can I buy this product and use Carplay if my phone is Android?

A: Sorry, only Android phones can use Android Auto, IOS only supports Carplay, this adapter is suitable for iPhone6 ​​and above, and the software version is iOS10 or above.

Q: What should I do if a black screen appears after connecting the phone?

A: 1. Turn off "Deactivate Handbrake" or activate "Watch video while driving"
2- Select “Reading Mode” or “Display Mode”

DAYO Wireless CarPlay Adapter for Car
DAYO Wireless CarPlay Adapter for Car

  •     [Note Before Purchasing] Only supports the original car radio with Wired Carplay, suitable for iPhone6 ​​and above, software version iOS10 and above. Before placing an order, please check the list of compatible models (Figure 3-6) to make sure your car model and year matches the list, otherwise it may not be compatible with your vehicle.
  •     [3 Seconds Wired Wireless] This is the fastest way to convert wired carplay to wireless (3 seconds). 5GHz WLAN certified module makes your Carplay wireless experience faster and better. Now you can easily listen to music, make/receive calls, surf the internet or use Siri to surf the web without the need for a USB data cable.
  •     [Plug and Play] It is also the easiest way to implement Carplay both wired and wirelessly. Just plug this adapter into the car radio's USB port, turn on WiFi and Bluetooth on iPhone to pair it, and the wireless Carplay will connect automatically, small enough to save space.
  •     [Powerful Function] This USB adapter supports steel wheel control / OEM handle control / Siri voice control / original car touch screen control. Seamlessly control music playback, volume, skip track, navigate, make calls, answer texts, and go straight to Siri.
  •     [Online update via the Internet] With the online update technology via the Internet, you can update the wireless network card anytime and anywhere. We will update the software version regularly. If the operation is unstable, please update the version, just enter on your iPhone to update the software it will be online after connecting the adapter.

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