Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor
Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor

Emporia 860001485691 Smart Home Energy Monitor With 16 Sensor 50 A Circuit Level | Real-time electricity meter/display | Solar/Net Metering

 Use Emporia Vue Energy Monitor to protect your home's health in real time!

Emporia has developed the next generation Vue Energy Monitor. Vue strives to offer you the best value for money at an affordable price, giving you everything you need to monitor your entire home's energy usage in real time. Know the electricity consumption in your home anytime and anywhere.

Watch individual circles without guessing

Add individual 50-amp sensors to the Vue to monitor up to 16 individual circuits and provide accurate power consumption for the devices and devices you care about. Don't guess. Do not try to distinguish between the power signal and the background noise. Just a simple, simple and accurate presentation of your home. The 50A sensor is sold separately or comes with the Vue.

Net solar energy metering without additional devices

The solar meter network is directly integrated into the Emporia Vue. Simple Emporia iOS and Android apps show you how much electricity and electricity you use, how much time and excess energy you feed into the grid, and give you insight into the effects of solar panels on energy consumption.

It will be installed on the printed circuit board in your home

The Gen 2 Vue uses CT sensor clips to attach to the electrical panels in your home that circulate the power and other circuits you want to monitor. DIY instructions included, but professional electrician recommended. The Vue Key case design for field installation complies with NEC 2017 Energy Monitoring Equipment 312.8 (B).

Are there metal tubes on your board?

Our flexible current sensor solution is now available on the EmporiaEnergy website. These current sensors are designed to replace the main 200A sensors found on the Gen 2 Views. They use flexible Rogowski coils with 1.4 inch (36 mm) holes and can be installed in small spaces where most bus rails or standard current sensor brackets cannot be installed. Installing flexible current sensors is always a risky business, Emporia strongly advises that a licensed electrician or other qualified professional perform installation.

Add Emporia Smart Plug to Vue

Emporia Smart Plugs (sold separately) can be added to your Vue system so that you can not only monitor light output and small appliances, but also set timers and schedules anytime and anywhere with the Emporia app.

Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor
Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor

  •  Most families use a ring to attach the sensor to the board. Supports single-phase neutral up to 240V AC; single phase and two phase 120/240 VAC; Three phases up to 415 Y / 240 VAC (without delta). Only panels that have access to the power rail require flexible sensors from Emporia Energy. DIY instructions included, but professional electrician recommended.
  • 24/7 Energy Monitoring: Monitor the actual power of your home anytime, anywhere to avoid costly repairs, save energy and reduce costs. Solar monitoring/net metering. The lightweight commercial 3-phase option is available as a separate package. Benefit from a one-year warranty.
  • Monitor appliances without guesswork: It is equipped with sixteen (16) 50A sensors that can accurately monitor air conditioners, ovens, water heaters, washing machines, dryers, ovens, etc.
  • Reduce utility bills: Measure spending in real time and get actionable notifications to understand where you can save costs.
  • Real-time Energy Data: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and internet connection is required to monitor power consumption with iPhone/Android app. The Vue sensor provides 1 second of data with an accuracy of ±2%. For your safety, Vue has obtained UL and CE certificates. 1 second of data is kept for 3 hours, 1 minute of data is kept for 7 days, and 1 hour of data is kept indefinitely. Export data to the application at any time.

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