Eyedro EHEM1-LV Save Money Home Energy Monitor
Eyedro EHEM1-LV Save Money Home Energy Monitor

Eyedro Home Energy Monitor - Track, interact and save money - Check your energy consumption in several ways via My.Eyedro.com (Free) - Understand your utility bills in real time - EHEM1-LV (Ethernet)

Do you want to use energy more efficiently and save money at the same time? We have a solution. With Eyedro Home Power Monitor, you can view real-time energy consumption and costs and thus monitor your home's energy consumption. Our small electronic screens are designed for non-technical people because they are easy to set up and use. Eyedro Electronic Home Displays are good for wallets and the environment. Eyedro offers solar and electrical displays to meet all of your energy needs.


EHEM1-LV is connected to an Ethernet network and contains two 200-amp sensors and a 3-meter Ethernet cable.

Easy to install

Simply attach the sensor around the circuit to be monitored. Once you are connected to the circuit, simply use the included Ethernet cable to connect your device to the Internet.


Customize MyEyedro units to show dollars, watts, amplifiers, and more. Configure your notifications to receive notifications about important changes in your energy use.

Billing reports and estimates

Receive complete daily, weekly, monthly and yearly energy monitoring reports and billing estimates directly to your email. If the connection to the Eyedro system drops, you will also receive a notification.


Not all data transmitted over the Internet contains personal data that will treat your data with absolute confidentiality.

Measure your consumption:

With Eyedro Power Monitor, you can view real-time power consumption and costs from any web browser. Track peak device startup periods, power or network failures, phantom power losses, and even see what time of day you use the most electricity. Real-time data and interaction charts on MyEyedro are dynamic tools for measuring home energy consumption.

Energy consumption analysis

With data provided by Eyedro Home Electricity displays, you can adjust power consumption to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly consumption can be analyzed by MyEyedro through various high-resolution graphics and tables. Tracking your usage will help you identify unnecessary practices and adapt accordingly.

Energy saving

Inefficient use of energy can result in massive energy costs. The insights you gain from monitoring energy use can reveal wasted habits, inefficient equipment, and other sources of energy that are quietly consuming energy when neither energy nor time is needed. Our customers report that they save on heating and gas bills and replace things they don't know use energy (like old air conditioners). Eyedro helps you have a more energy efficient home, and a more cost efficient home.

 Eyedro Home EHEM1-LV

EHEM1-LV is an easy-to-install Ethernet connected performance monitor. After installation, EHEM1-LV monitors power consumption and sends it to your MyEyedro account. My Eyedro is the most complete and comprehensive energy monitoring service with no fees.

How to install:

Setting up your Eyedro is easy. After the main switch is turned off, remove the circuit breaker panel cover. Pick up the sensor attachment and secure it around the service plug. Then pull the supplied cables from the breaker box to connect them to the Eyedro. Plug the device into a nearby power socket, place it near a WLAN access point or connect it with the supplied Ethernet cable

Eyedro EHEM1-LV Save Money Home Energy Monitor
Eyedro EHEM1-LV Save Money Home Energy Monitor

  • Do you own or own the rental unit? You can track tenant energy usage, create custom reports, and even share real-time usage information with your tenants.

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