FIGHOW WiFi Water Leak Detector Sensor Alarm with App
FIGHOW WiFi Water Leak Detector Sensor Alarm with App

FIGHOW 3 Pieces Wifi Water Leak Detector Water Sensor Alarm with APP Use with Alexa 125dB Adjustable Alarm Email Drip Water Leak Alarm Basement Detector Home

FIGHOW WiFi Leak Detector

The app and notification screen give you security

Our product is a WiFi based Wireless Water Leak Sensor Alarm. Mainly used to protect homes or observation rooms from leaks/floods/water levels that may need to be submerged. When the sensor detects water, the detector will alarm at 100dB, also alarm the door at 125dB and send email and APP notifications to your mobile phone. You can find out exactly where the leak occurred and fix it in time.

Fall detection and leak detection

If there is water in the four sensors of the WiFi leak detector and the front anti-drip probe, it can be quickly detected, disturbed, and sent to the door and also to the mobile phone, even if you are in the basement or in the garden hearing.

100dB strong water alarm

If water is detected, a 100dB alarm will sound immediately and the door will also sound a 125dB tone. When the battery is low, the battery will be notified every 15 seconds, and the water sensor will beep three times and send a low battery signal to the receiving door.

Two years of strong autonomy

It adopts IP66 waterproof surface casing, which can be used in high humidity areas for a long time. Long battery life, wireless

Monitor your home security in real time

Once connected, you can place sensors in your app and start monitoring for water leaks. It can also be used with Alexa.

The phone can still receive messages even if the gate is muted.

Protect your entire home

You can place the water sensor anywhere that has water, such as the kitchen, basement, sink, wine cellar, bathroom, etc.

Even while traveling, stay comfortable and protect your family and belongings.

easy to apply

No more searching for ports, no more professional installation - everything you need to get started is right in the box. Thanks to its cordless design, you can place it, park it or stand it almost anywhere.

FIGHOW WiFi Water Leak Detector Sensor Alarm with App
FIGHOW WiFi Water Leak Detector Sensor Alarm with App

  •  [Real-time alarm notification] Connect the water leakage sensor to the Tuya Smart APP. Even when you're not at home, if a water or water leak occurs, you'll receive notifications (in the form of warning banners on smartphones, SMS texts, or emails) to protect your home and property from water damage. Google Home, IFTTT. Note: 5G WiFi is not supported.
  • Simple and effective property protection. The WiFi water sensor is easy to install, put in putty. Use it near or under sewage pumps, toilets, water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, aquariums, etc. where water easily seeps in or seeps out.
  • [Drip Detector] The water leak detection alarm is equipped with four rear water leakage detection sensors and two front drip sensors. If any of the three sensor groups are underwater, an alarm will sound.
  • 125dB WiFi Gateway] FIGHOW WiFi Gateway connection design, the signal transmission is stronger and safer. It can be used as a bridge between WiFi and multiple water sensors. When a water leak occurs, the device receives the leak information from the sensor and sends it to the Tuya Home app on your phone.
  • IP66 waterproof and durable. Long battery life, with low battery function.

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